aLwaysOnTop03's profile

Nickname: ALwaysOnTop03
Age: 63
Country: United Kingdom
Province: Essex
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Brown
Height: 166 cm / 5' 5"
Weight: 57 Kg / 9 stone
Shaven: Trimmed
Smoker: No

person_pin Description

I'm probably bloody horrible at flirting now but I'm still going to cast a line in case someone takes the bait. I'm not as flexible as I'd like to be but I'll be sure to makeup for it. Other than that, I'm not looking for anything serious. It's been long since I gave up on that, time for some fun!


  • Roleplay
  • Handjob
  • Lingerie
  • Leg fetish
  • Spanking

Is looking for

  • Male
  • Straight