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Nickname: Knostrings
Country:United Kingdom
Province:Greater London


I’m a white male, 6ft, broad shoulders, quiet average build over all. I keep my head shaven and all other hair neatly groomed. I’m extremely keen to meet up with mature females for some real dirty, fun, no strings attached sex. There’s not much I’m not up for. I absolutely love that moment when I woman is laying on her back, legs parted, and I can feel the damp heat radiating from her pussy, then sliding her knickers off revealing a beautiful open, warm, wet pussy that I will lick and suck until my face is covered with cum, and I tasted every part of it before I start to get my cock and balls covered with every bit of pussy juice available as I gradually work up to the point of Pummelling a pussy so hard it’s impossible for either of use to have any cum left in their bodies. If you are the mature woman looking for this sort of fun the please give me the opportunity and make contact.


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  • Adults
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